Duarte's Youth & Family Master Plan

"Every Child is Our Child"



Duarte’s Youth & Family Master Plan is a community vision that is committed to meeting the changing needs of our youth and families.  It includes goals of ensuring that our youth and families feel safe and have available access to health services, that programs and services are evolving and beneficial, that youth feel connected to the community, that culture and diversity are valued, and that education and skill development are encouraged. The ultimate objective of the master plan is for it to serve as a guide, created by the community itself, which will be used to impact the lives of all Duarte residents. Because of this master plan, Duarte will always focus on seeing youth and families prospering in all areas of their lives. Individuals and families will be healthy, goal oriented, productive members of a well-rounded, peaceful and safe community.  For more information or to get involved, please call Cesar Monsalve, Director of Parks and Recreation at (626) 357-7931.



Youth and Family Master Plan

Youth and Family Report Card 2011

Youth and Family Report Card 2012

Youth and Family Report Card 2013

Youth and Family Report Card 2014

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