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Message from the Sergeant
Welcome to the Duarte Satellite Station web page. This facility, located at 1042 Huntington Drive, was open in 1995 to better serve the citizens of Duarte, Bradbury and the Monrovia County area. We provide law enforcement services and participate in numerous out reach programs in order to make a positive influence in our communities. Our goal is to meet the many needs of our very diverse community. Please feel free to contact us for information on any subject. Community Policing is a partnership between the citizens of our community and all of us who provide public safety services. In order for us to be successful, we need your support and cooperation.

A safe community is one in which neighbors look out for each other and people are willing to assist law enforcement. I encourage you to call us when you have a question or concern, and become involved.


Sergeant Tony Haynes
Sheriff Satellite Station Liaison
(626) 357-7938 ext. 304


Patrol Deputies
The Duarte Satellite Station located at 1042 Huntington Drive is the launching center for 30 male and female officers that begin and end their shift here to provide Duarte, Bradbury and the unincorporated area west of Duarte with law enforcement services 24 hours a day. While the satellite station provides excellent service to the community, the station does not have dispatch or booking ability.

In emergency situations, residents should contact Temple Station by dialing 911 or (626) 448-9861.


In non-emergencies, call the Deputy Dispatch Desk at Temple Station (626) 448-9861.

Special Assignment Deputies
The Team consists of Deputies Wayne Goodrich and Michael Scott. They handle gang identification, operations pertaining to narcotic crimes, managing D.R.A.G.N.E.T. (Duarte Residents Against Graffiti Neighborhood Enhancement Team) and overall investigations of crimes that may be on the rise. Deputy Goodrich welcomes any information from residents regarding crimes that may be occurring in their neighborhood.

To contact them, please call (626) 359-5671 ext. 310 for Deputy Scott, and ext. 305 for Deputy Goodrich. All calls are confidential.

School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer, Deputy Robert MacLean works pro-actively with Duarte schools to provide prevention, intervention and suppression services. In addition to working with the schools, Dep. MacLean also assists in Duarte's gang enforcement and D.A.R.T. Program.

For any issues regarding school related crime, gang crime and juvenile related problems please contact Deputy MacLean at (626) 359-5671 ext. 319.

Detective Services
The Duarte Detective is responsible for handling criminal investigation cases assigned from the City of Duarte. For investigative questions, the Detective can be reached at Temple Station at (626) 292-3361.

Helmet Sales
A variety of helmets are available for Duarte youth between the ages of 2 to 18 for only $5 at the Duarte Public Safety Office. Sales occur from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesdays and at special events throughout the community. To purchase a helmet, the parent or guardian must accompany the child and show proof of Duarte residency. The helmet will be properly fitted on to the youth to ensure their safety.

Duarte youth riding skateboards, scooters, bikes, in-line skates, skate shoes or roller skates without a helmet, can be cited and required to attend the traffic safety class at the Duarte Public Safety Office. Continual failure to wear a helmet will result in a fine.



Traffic Accident Reports
Copies of Duarte traffic accident reports are available at the Public Safety Office approximately 10 days after the event occurred. The report file number (given by the Deputy at the time of the accident) must be provided in order to obtain a copy of the report. For fees and other information please contact the Public Safety Office at (626) 357-7938.




Parking Citation Information
Parking citations received in Duarte can be paid or contested at the Public Safety Office. Office Hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. For more information please call (626) 357-7938.

- Duarte and Monrovia Active Gang Enforcement
Damage is a synergistic collaboration between the law enforcement agencies of Duarte and Monrovia (containing rival gangs) resulting in dramatic reductions in gang activity through shared information and resources. The program has also helps to reduce graffiti and thefts.

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