City Maps

This section contains various maps and drawings to be used as resources for your building or development projects.

duarte aerial

Zoning Map


 General Plan

The General Plan is considered the City’s blueprint for the future. It lays out the vision for how the City is to be developed over the next 10 to 20 years. The plan contains many goals designed to help City officials and the community to preserve the community while building a future that enhances the quality of life for all Duarteans. To obtain a copy of the plan or to obtain more information, please contact the Planning Division at (626) 357-7931, ext. 230.  It is also available below by clicking on the various sections.

Chapter 1(Cover, Acknowledgements, and Introduction)

Chapter 2 (Safety Element)

Chapter 3 (Open Space and Conservation Element)

Chapter 4 (Noise Element Part 1)

Chapter 4 (Noise Element Part 2)

Chapter 5 (Land Use Element)

Chapter 6 (Housing Element)

Chapter 7 (Historic Preservation Element)

Chapter 8 (Economic Development Element)

Chapter 9 (Circulation Element)

Appendix (General Plan Glossary)

Zoning Code