Business Forms

DMC 5.04.020, License Required. No person shall engage in any business which is subject to a license fee under this title without having procured a proper license as prescribed in this title and without complying with all regulations of such business contained in this title and other ordinances. (Ord. 71 § 2, 1960)

Business Forms

All businesses must complete the Business License Application. Please see below for additional forms. 
Contact Kristine Swart for business license fee at (626) 386-6813. Please note: Fees varies for all licenses.

Business License Requirements

Fixed Location Business

Check for zoning restrictions or permits needed prior to leasing a fixed location.

Home Occupation Business

  • Copy of Utility Bill (Owner of Business must match home address)
  • Letter from your landlord allowing operation of a business at the address
  • Copy of Seller’s Permit (State Board of Equalization)
  • Copy of Fictitious Name Statement
  • Copy of Letter of Incorporation
  • Copy of Federal Tax ID Number
  • Print and complete the Business License Application and Home Occupation Only form

 Note: All Business licenses are non-transferable 

For questions regarding Business License, please call (626) 386-6813.

Contractor Business License Fees


   3 Mo Lic 6 Mo Lic  9 Mo Lic 1 Yr Lic

General Contractor - Engineering
(Class A)

$128.25   $256.50 $384.75 $513.00
General Contractor
(Class B)
$103.00  $206.00 $309.00 $412.00

(Class C or D)

 $76.50 $153.00 $229.50 $306.00


Please note: If you are applying for the first time, there is a $35 application fee, plus a $4 disability access fee.


New Applicant: Subcontactor, 3 Mo Lic, plus application fee and disability access fee

$ 76.50 + $ 35 + $4 = $ 115.50

Renewal License: Subcontactor, 3 Mo Lic and disability access fee

$ 76.50 + $4 = $ 80.50