Economic Development

The City of Duarte is dedicated to promoting the economic health of the community and takes a comprehensive approach to accomplish that goal.  Our economic development plan is to focus on fiscal stability, enhance the business and commercial health of the community, build the city’s jobs base and coordinate with regional industry clusters to bring vitality to the community.

Duarte was selected by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) as the County’s Most Business Friendly City, in the category of cities under 50,000 in population.  It takes a strong focus on economic growth to receive an honor like that.  The City cooperates with the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, residents and regional agencies to expand economic opportunities. 

Economic Development Strategy

To further plan for the City’s economic future, the City adopted the 2011-2015 Economic Development Strategy.  It sets goals and policies that the community is carrying out to improve the community.  It is intended to a part of the implementation of the General Plan’s Economic Development Element.

Economic Development Strategy
General Plan Economic Development Element