The Planning Division is the main hub of Duarte’s one stop permit and information center. Whether you are a resident, property or business owner, developer or just interested in the local development process, we are happy to assist you. We will either assist you or try to point you in the right direction to get the help that you need.

The Planning Division is also responsible for providing professional guidance to the Planning Commission, Economic Development Commission and City Council. The Division processes applications for land use approvals, conditional use permits, design review cases, environmental (CEQA) review and other related development approvals. We also assist the community in planning for future growth (long-range planning) through preparing and updating the City's General Plan, analyzing demographic trends and working with State and Regional Governments on a development, housing and other land use issues.

We hope that the information provided on this webpage will assist you. Keep in mind that you contact us by telephone at 626.357.7931, if you need additional information or clarification.

Permits and Development Assistance

The Planning Division is often the first stop when you would like to get a permit. Typically, minor permit approvals such as small residential additions, accessory buildings and simple tenant improvements can be processed quickly. A planner will be able to assist you in determining the zoning of your property, required setbacks and other Code requirements.

For more complex projects, we recommend that you meet with a planner for a pre-application review prior to submitting an application.

Development Code

The Duarte Development Code (DDC) provides standards, regulations and guidelines on a series of land use related topics. Some of the more frequently used DDC chapters address zoning districts, setbacks, lot coverage, allowable/conditional uses, parking, signs, landscaping, fences, architectural and design guidelines and hillside standards. You are welcome to browse through the DDC yourself or contact the Planning Division to guide you in your search or answer questions about Duarte's regulations. Here are some useful resources related to the Development Code and Zoning:

Duarte Development Code

Local Specific Plans

Zoning Map

Forms and Handouts

Duarte Municipal Code addresses a range of other, primarily non-land use related, regulations (e.g. animals, business licenses, health, taxation, etc.)

Other Items

Yard Sale Permit: The City allows reasonable use of residential property for "Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Boutiques, etc". Sales should cause no detrimental effect to a neighborhood's appearance and should be conducted with concern for neighborhood appearance. Every residence is allowed a maximum of two (2) yard sales per calendar year and each sale can be a maximum of (2) consecutive days.

Temporary Sign and Banner Permit: A business may use banners, pennants, flags, streamers and balloons for advertising a grand opening, a future grand opening, special products, sales, or events. Please contact the Planning Division to obtain the various advertising opportunities and permit requirements for temporary signage. A Temporary Sign Permit must be submitted and approved by the Community Development Department prior to the installation of your signage.

Temporary Use Permit: A Temporary Use Permit is used for allowing temporary uses on private property subject to conditions of approval. Please contact the Planning Division to discuss submittal requirements for your proposal.