Youth Programs


Youthworks is a juvenile community service program that assists Duarte youth that are required to complete court ordered community service. This program is used by the District Attorney's office  in lieu of formal probation to expose children to a structured work environment, while gaining self-esteem and experience as they work throughout the city in community based organizations. The goal of Youthworks is to provide a structured "work-like environment".  Successful graduates may be hired by the City of Duarte to participate in the Recycling Program. 

The Recycling Program is city beautification component. Youth assist City employees in a collection effort of Recycling material. This effort  keeps the City of Duarte clean while contributing to the state's  recycling program and helping youth learn the importance of Recycling. 

For more information on how to participate, call Aida Torres at (626) 359-5671 ext. 316.

R.O.P. Law Enforcement

This is an educational component and is part of The Duarte Unified ROP program. This class is taught at Duarte High School by Deputy Rob MacLean (School Resource Deputy, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department). Its purpose is to assist high school youth explore the field of Public Safety and Law Enforcement. Through this class, students gain an increased awareness and perspective of the procedures and opportunities in law enforcement while earning school credits. Students are positively exposed to the fundamentals of the criminal justice system.

D.A.R.T. - Duarte Area Resource Team

The purpose of D.A.R.T. is to help young men and women explore public service careers. Through this exploration, they gain valuable experience, knowledge and training that can help them better reach their targeted goals and career. Activities also erve to enhance resumes, job applications and provide personal growth. 

D.A.R.T. meets at 5 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month in the Duarte Teen Center. The program is open to young men and women from Duarte between the ages of 14 and 19 years of age, that must have at least a "C" average (if in school), be of good moral character without any serious arrest record and committed to make a positive impact in the community. For more information on how to join, call (626) 359-5671 ext. 319. 

DART Application

C.H.Y.L.L.-Cardinals Helping Youth Live Life

CHYLL is a program for Duarte youth that will help develop job and leadership skills. Youth engage in both community service and rewarding recreational activities under the supervision of Duarte Parks and Recreation. Youth will gain experience, knowledge and have fun while training for future leadership roles.  CHYLL is open exclusively to youth in the 6th to 8th grade. Youth must have at least a "C" average and be committed to make a positive impact in our community. Interested youth must submit applications to the Duarte Teen Center for more information on how to join, call (626) 303-0863.