The Finance Department is responsible for collection and recording of City revenues, including taxes, fees and Business and Pet licenses.  (link to Business Licenses and Pet Licenses).  The department also processes payments for goods and services provided to the City.  In addition, Federal, State and County reports are prepared and filed as well as preparing and publishing the annual Operating Budget and Financial Statements.


Business Licenses – Businesses that conduct operations within the Duarte City limits are required to obtain a license.  Licenses are valid for 12 months (contractors may choose the ‘job only’ option) and are subject to planning and zoning review before issuance.  Fees vary on the type of business.  Here are links to the Business License Application Forms.

Pet Licenses – Residents of Duarte are required to register their Dogs.  Cat Licenses are optional and issued on a one time basis.  Dogs require licensing each year and proof of current rabies vaccination is required.  Here is a link to the fee schedule for Cats and Dogs.


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