Deputy Spotlight


Captain Christopher Nee

The City of Duarte welcomes newly assigned Captain Christopher P. Nee, as the new head of the Temple Sheriff's station.  Captain Nee, a 24- year veteran of the Sheriff's Department, was personally selected by Shefiff Baca to assume command of Temple Station in October, 2011.  As captain of Temple Station, Nee serves as "police chief" for Temple City, Duarte, Rosemead, South El Monte and nearby unincorporated county areas.


Captain Nee grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and since being promoted to Sergeant in 2000, he has worked various assignments including Walnut and West Hollywood Stations, Asian Gang detail, COPS Bureau, and Personnel Administration.  In 2006, he was promoted to lieutenant and is also working towards a degree in Accounting at Cal Poly Pomona. 


Considering all of the various communities in which Captain Nee has worked, he explains that Duarte is by far the most proactive in its commitment to provide rehabilitation services and opportunities to positively change people's lives.  He also emphasizes the need for residents to become involved in neighborhood watch groups.  Stating, "our commitment to each other as a community not only improves the daily quality of life in our city, but is vital to our abililty to help each other in times of emergencies, such as earthquakes, fires, or even our most recent rash of wind damage and power outages.


Nee has personally pledged to work closely with Duarte Cityofficials to ensure that residents' concerns are addressed.  "My personnel strive each day is to provide quality, ethical, and compassionate service to all members of the community," he said.





 Sergeant Tony Haynes


The City of Duarte is lucky to have a dedicated Sergeant at their sub-station as Duarte’s satellite station supervisor. Sergeant Tony Haynes Sergeant is Duarte’s liaison to Temple Station and will directs Deputies working in the field, as well as Duarte’s Special Assignment team. Sergeant Haynes has 23 years of law enforcement experience, a former Los Angeles County Marshal and has been assigned to Temple Station which covers our City since 1995. He holds an Associate of Science degree from East LA College.


In his professional career Sergeant Haynes has provided enforcement services in and out of the Municipal and Federal courtrooms for over 5 years. He also worked in the Los Angeles County Jail System, and patrolled at Temple Station, where he also served as a Field Training Officer, and a Special assignment team member. He left Temple Station briefly to work with the Leadership and Training Division in LASD’s Risk Management Bureau. In 2006, he promoted to Sergeant and when given the opportunity took an assignment back at his home station, Temple Station.


When presented with the opportunity to transfer to the Duarte Sub Station in March 2009, Sergeant Haynes said, “It was no question.” He knows that all personnel assigned to Duarte, both sworn and civilian are “A” players and the best in the business. He explained that he finds that the partnership between the sworn and civilian workforce, coupled with community partners, is second to none in Duarte. He also comments on how motivated everyone in Duarte is, and he is proud to be a part of this team. He is impressed with the amount of resources available to the community, especially the youth. He highlights the DART program, the Teen Center, the Skate Park, and many others programs, and feels that there is ample opportunity for residents and their children to achieve success in Duarte. He believes that youth who stay involved in positive activities are less likely to get involved with gangs.


Sergeant Haynes further explained that, although programs can be helpful, he feels that the key to a safe community does not lie in one particular program or effort, but in positive communication between residents and law enforcement. His advice to all residents is, “Please, do not be afraid to call me, or stop and talk to me or any Deputy in the field. If we do not communicate we cannot help.” Sergeant Tony Haynes is looking forward to meeting Duarte citizens. He can be contacted at the Sheriff’s Satellite Station at (626) 359-5671 ext. 304.



Special Assignment Deputy Wayne Goodrich

When investigating any gang shooting or drug related crime, Deputy Wayne Goodrich follows up on leads, speaks with several residents. He even had witnesses identify the shooter from a collection of photos referred to as a “six pack.” On most occasions his work has led to the arrests of several suspects.

Among the greatest challenges Deputies face is finding good eyewitnesses willing to get involved by providing information on crimes. Eyewitness accounts provide the foundation for Special Assignment Deputies like Goodrich to utilize years of experience to address community concerns.

Serving the city of Duarte usually during the evening hours, Goodrich enjoys the ever-changing work environment including the variety of individuals and service calls. Goodrich’s joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 1992 and began with working in the Inmate Reception Center. This followed by training at Temple Station before becoming a patrol deputy in Duarte in 2000.

Goodrich recognizes that Duarte’s residents take great pride in the well being of their neighborhood. He encourages residents to actively do their part in reducing opportunities for vehicle burglaries. The majority of vehicle burglaries, according to Goodrich, could have been prevented if owners simple removed or hid personal belongings from plain view. Wallets, backpacks, coats and planners have all tempted criminals to burglarize cars.


His exceptional work in the City of Duarte made him 2007’s recipient of LA County Sheriff Department Employee of the Year.



Deputy David Olivas

Deputy David Olivas has been a part of the Duarte team since 2001. During the morning and early afternoon, Olivas patrols Duarte maintaining high visibility to keep the streets safe. As a patrol and crime car deputy, he comments that his day can range from working on a traffic collision to visiting a home to resolve a family dispute.


Olivas's 17 years of service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department began with nearly five years working in the jail system. He worked at Men's Central Jail, Biscailuz Center, and the Century Regional Detention Facility. He received patrol training in the East Los Angeles area and before requesting an assignment in Duarte, he patrolled Temple City, South El Monte, and Rosemead communities. Olivas has an Associates of Arts degree in Administration of Justice and in Auto Mechanics and is bilingual in Spanish. Since 2001 he has seen Duarte go through many changes which he describes as positive, making the Duarte substation an even more enjoyable place to work. He particularly likes the team work this assignment offers. Unlike other stations he explains the City of Duarte's partnership with his Department offers field support that range from Community Service, Code Enforcement Officers, and even Field Services which aid deputies in the quality of service. Olivas often volunteers his personal time with Duarte youth programs. He has joined staff and chaperoned hiking and other field trips.


Olivas encourages residents to drive cautiously. Drivers need to be more aware of their surroundings and avoid distractions, especially cell phones which are the number one source of driver inattention. Olivas stresses the importance of paying attention listen for emergency vehicles and give them the right of way. Be sure to check all intersections for pedestrians, bikes, not just other vehicles. Driving while distracted is a factor in 25% of police reported crashes. He warns,"do not become a statistic."


Deputy Marcelo Sepulveda - Duarte’s Motor Deputy

Although Deputy Sheriff Marcelo Sepulveda is our motorcycle deputy, he was not always riding on his bike in Duarte. Sepulveda has worked in the City of Duarte as a patrol and crime deputy since 2005. He enjoyed working in our small, friendly City so much, that when he decided to make a bilateral career move in 2008 and become a motor deputy then he requested to stay in Duarte.


Prior to becoming a Deputy, Sepulveda attended East LA College, but it has been his over fifteen years of service that has taught him how to patrol and deal with criminals. His Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department career began with a year at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood. He then worked custody for six years at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Downtown Los Angeles. He received training in the South El Monte, Rosemead and Temple City communities. He then requested to be assigned to the Duarte Sheriff’s Satellite Station to work the area on a regular basis. He admits he loves the atmosphere of a close-knit community.


He describes himself as a people person. Sepulveda enjoys talking to people and seeing how, “[he] can make their lives simpler.” Sepulveda, a native of Chile is fluent in Spanish and is able to assist Spanish speakers and new immigrants and educate them on the law. After completing the LA County Sheriff Motorcycle School in December 2007, he felt ready to take on his new assignment and since then he has been making sure Duarte streets are safe for motorists and pedestrians.


He describes the three week training as, “the most difficult and technical” schooling he has ever attended. He would like to remind residents to pay close attention to the speed limits around their community and especially around school zones. Drive safe, stay off your phones and pay attention to pedestrians and traffic laws. Remember safety is a priority and although it is an old saying we must not forget, “Click it or ticket”.



 Deputy Van Lam



Deputy Van Lam joined the Duarte Sheriff's Sub Station team last April 2011 where he works the crime car early to late evenings. "There is no such thing as at typical day on the job. You never know what to expcet," said Lam. Operating a patrol and crime car he likes the dact that his calls can range from a traffic collission to a family dispute.


Lam’s six years of service with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department began with four years at Men's Central Facility , follwed by training at Temple Station in the communities of Arcadai, Duarte, Monrovia, Pasadena, South El Monte, and Temple City. Lam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from CSU Long Beach. He worked in upper management for a large corporation for 13 years before deciding to go into law enforcement. Lam is trilingual, flune in Cambodian and French.

Lam’s general responsibilities include responding to service calls which allow him to meet people and learn about their problems while investigating crimeand maintaiing high visibilityto aid in deterring criminal activity. Lam calls Duarte his "home away from home." As a family man he understands and appreciates the sense of community in Duarte. Lam urges residents to get into prevention mode in 2012. Some crimes like car/home burglaries, fraud, identity theft, and forgery can be avoided.  He advises residents to not keep vailuables in their vehicles. Lock all doors and windos and use the car/home alarm if available. Purchase a secure mailbox, motion detector lights, shred documents, and check with the credit bureaus for activity that is not yours. "Do not give thieves an opportunity. Do not become a victim," said Lam. If you see suspicious activity, please call Temple Station at  (626) 285-7171.  


Deputy Moises Garcia

Deputy Moises Garcia began his assignment in Duarte in October 2012. He became a Deputy in 2006 and has joined the Duarte team after he was requested to fill the late afternoon early evening shift. As a Deputy in the Traffic/Crime position he keeps busy with traffic collisions and crime reports.

Prior to joining the Sheriff Department Deputy Garcia worked for Los Angeles County Probation at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. As a Deputy his prior assignments were  at the North County Correctional Facility where he worked for 5 years and Men’s Central Jail in Downtown LA where he worked for 1 year. He completed patrol training at Temple Station where he worked South El Monte, Rosemead, Pasadena, and Temple City just prior to coming to Duarte.

Garcia tells us he enjoys working in Duarte because it is a small city and he can get to know residents. He likes the small station feel and helping train and work alongside Community Service Officers who will help him better serve residents. He appreciates that he can be counted on to build this customer support system. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Cal State Los Angeles. Garcia explains he always wanted to become a Deputy for the LA County Sheriff's Department, but chose to finish his degree first. While in college he worked as a Teachers Aid for Los Angeles Unified School District and then he served as a night officer for LA County Probation Department.

Deputy Garcia has been patrolling heavily to prevent crime and would like to remind residents that the bad guys do not take vacations. When going on vacation notify your neighboors and also call the Duarte Public Safety Office and get vacation patrol checks. He also asks residents to take pictures of your important items, specially jewelry to help recover your special keepsakes and to aid Deputies in catching these criminals. Please remember to use our business line for non-emergencies, (626) 357-7938 and for emergencies please dial 911.


Deputy Charles Moore


Deputy Charles Moore has worked the evening traffic car in Duarte since early 2011 and as of  March 2012 he has been assigned as Duarte's evening Special Assigment Deputy. The City of Duarte is fortunate to have a Deputy with his gang expertise and experience, this will assist in gathering intelligence and awareness in the community. His current duties include the gang enforcement and intelligence as well as identifying and targeting specific crime patterns, like narcotics and burglaries. 

Deputy Moore has a long career in Public Service. He is a US Army Veteran where he served as an Airborne ranger. Prior to joining the Sheriff Department he also worked for 5 years as a Paramedic. His career with the Sheriff Department began in 2006. His first assignment was at Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic. He then transferred to an even more challenging assignment with the Violent Crime Suppression Team in Palmdale where he put his custody experience to use. In his prior assignment he worked in Parole/Probation compliance. Moore earned an Associates of Science in Paramedicine and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Deputy Moore’s expertise in violent crime suppression and target saturation led him to the Duarte Sub Station and we are proud to have him as a new addition to the team. Moore explains that in order to better serve the public he will continue to work with the public and establish an accord with the citizens. He feels that with community input public servants do a better job at addressing quality of life issues. He would like to encourage all Duarte residents to get involved in our community, whether it is through Neighborhood Watch or simply by being part of community events. He reminds us that we all need to exercise our civic duty in order to improve our community.  Lastly, Moore adds that he is looking forward to the opportunity to serve Duarte residents and provide us all with a safer community.


Deputy DeeDeputy Richard Dee


Dee became a part of the Duarte Tem in November 2010. His main duties are to respond to radio calls, investigate complaints, distrubances, as well as collisions. He also maintains high visibility to aid in deterring criminal activity. As the night crime car Deputy, he comments that in the City of Duarte you never know what to expect. His calls range from performing life saving first air for traffic collision victims to working on investigating marijuana grow houses.


He began his law enforcement career after pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from Cal State Los Angeles, after graduating Dee joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy. Dee's eight years of service with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department began with one year at Wayside Correctional Facility, followed by two years at Twin Towers Detention Facility. He served as a bailiff at Pasadena Superior Court for two years before patrol training at Temple Station. He trained in South El Monte, Rosemead, Pasadena, San Gabriel, and Temple City communities. Dee received the Sheriff's Lefesaving Award in 2010 for saving the life of an infant in Temple City and speaks both Tagalog and Spanish.


Dee would like to urge Duarte residents to get to know their neighrbos by attending neighborhood watch meetings. Dee also asks residents to keep Temple Station's number handy (626) 285-7171, and be good witnesses. Please give the Deputy on the phone as much information as possible and be detailed. We need your eyes and ears. Don't get involved, but be good witnesses specially when it comes to vehicle descriptions.

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