Design Review


Architectural Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines are available for many uses, and the primary goals are to:

  • Unify the varied commercial land uses and building types which will be constructed within the Guidelines area.
  • Establish methods by which existing commercial uses may undergo renovation to conform to the overall design aesthetic
  • Establish a quality and aesthetics which will enhance the economic vitality of the urban core.
  • Establish an attractive and unified design image reflecting the community heritage.
  • Promote safe, efficient patterns of vehicular and  pedestrian circulation.


Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Reviews a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Residential projects include new single and multiple family developments, second story additions, additions over 600 square feet and certain improvements/additions to existing homes facing public right-of-way. Multiple family remodels and reroofs are also reviewed by the ARB. Commercial and industrial projects including new construction, building rehabs, signage and modifications to site plans and parking lots. Additionally the ARB analyzes and provides recommendations for Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Zone Changes, Subdivisions and other entitlements.



Permanent Signage

A Building Permit must be obtained prior to the installation of any Permanent Sign. Permanent signs include building wall signs, monument signs and tenant identification signs. Monumentsigns must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board (ARB), and a site plan and illustration of the proposed sign including all dimensions of the sign shall be included.

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