Miscellaneous Permits

Annual Parking Permits

Annual Parking Permits can be obtained for circumstances where the residence does not supply sufficient off-street parking for multiple vehicles. In order to obtain an annual parking permit, there must be more vehicles parked at the residence on a permanent basis and insufficient parking to accommodate them. Garages must be clear of storage and utilized for the intended use of vehicle parking. An application is required and must be submitted to the Community Development Department. Current registrations for ALL vehicles parked at the subject location must be submitted along with the application. Vehicles must also be registered to the subject address. Annual Parking Permits are $100 and valid per fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. Once all required documentation is submitted and verified, a $6 non-refundable inspection fee must be paid and an inspection time and date will be scheduled for staff to inspect your garage. Vehicles need not be present.

2015-2016 Annual Parking Permit Application


Filming Permits

The City of Duarte has established filming rules and guidelines to streamline the approval process for film permit requests.  You can expect a business friendly atmosphere and film permit requests to be processed within two business days.  We are committed to making your experience in Duarte a positive one!  Duarte recognizes that the film industry is a vital part of economic development in the region and not only encourages but values film production in its community.  That is why in Duarte a film permit is combined with the City business license; therefore no separate business license application or fee is required.  Click here to visit the City's Filming Permit page.


Garage Sale Permits
The City allows reasonable use of residential property for "Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Boutiques, etc". Sales should cause no detrimental effect in a neighborhood's appearance and should be conducted with concern for neighborhood appearance. Two yard sales may be conducted for a maximum of two consecutive days, per calendar year, per address. The City requires that the resident take out a Yard Sale Permit, at no charge, at least 24 to 48 hours in advance of the proposed sale.

Garage Sale Permit Application


Street Banner Pole Permits

Organizations requesting use of the street banner poles must submit an application to the City Managers's Office at least 30 days before desired use.  Street Banner display is permitted for a maximum of two weeks.  Approval to use the street banner poles will be on a priority schedule, based on the date of filing the application.  A non-refundable $50 application processing fee must be submitted with the application.  If requested dates are not available, the application fee will be refunded.


Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary Parking Permits are issued for guest parking or other circumstances of a temporary nature where off-street parking is insufficient.  Temporary Parking Permits are $5 and are valid for a maximum/minimum of 10 days.  Temporary Parking Permits can be obtained in City Hall or the Public Safety Office.  If a temporary parking permit is needed outside of business hours, you may call the public safety department at 626-357-7938.  Leave a message stating the location of the vehicle, license plate number, and description of vehicle.  The next day you MUST purchase a temporary parking permit at either of the above locations.  If it is a Saturday night after business hours, the permit can be obtained on the following Monday.


Temporary Sign Permit

A business may use banners, pennants, flags, streamers and balloons for advertising a grand opening, a future grand opening, special products, sales, or events. In addition, temporary window signage and A-frame signs are allowed.  The handout below describes the various advertising opportunities and permit requirements for temporary signage in the City of Duarte.  If you have any additional questions, contact the Community Development Department at 626-357-7931 ext 230 or 235 and ask to speak to a Planner.

Handout - Temporary Signs

Temporary Sign Permit Application

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