Street Maintenance Project to use “Green” Asphalt Technology


DUARTE, CA, June 19, 2012 - A major street maintenance project is scheduled to begin July 9, 2012 to slurry seal and cape seal all residential streets west of Highland Avenue, from the northerly to southerly City limits.  A slurry seal consists of a mixture of fine-aggregates and asphalt oil applied as a sealant to roadway surfaces.  A cape seal consists of a multiple phase process that includes application of asphalt rubber followed by an imbedded layer of aggregate and then a slurry seal finish.



The Duarte City Council awarded All American Asphalt of Corona a $1.15 million contract funded with a combination of State Gas Tax and a Cal Recycle Grant.  The Cal Recycle Grant reimburses the City one dollar for every square yard of asphalt rubber aggregate membrane (ARAM) constructed, through the use of “Green” technologies.  ARAM is a thin layer of rubberized asphalt with an aggregate rock coating.  The rubberized asphalt mixture consists of 100% California-generated waste tires, tire-derived crumb rubber binder material and asphalt modifier. It is estimated that approximately 11,000 used rubber tires will be recycled to pave the 132,000 square yards of ARAM used.


Residential streets classified to be in good condition will receive a Type II slurry seal.  Streets classified to be in fair condition will receive a cape seal; which consists of an ARAM surface treatment, “Chip Seal”, followed by the application of a Type II slurry seal.  In preparing for the planned project, deteriorated roadway areas and pavement cracks one-quarter inch or greater have been previously repaired and sealed under separate contracts.


Residents within the slurry seal and cape seal project areas will receive specific street closure dates and construction information at least 72 hours prior to the start of work in front of their homes.  This street maintenance project is an essential tool for preserving the roadway condition. For more information, call the City of Duarte Community Development Department, Public Works Division at (626) 357-7931, extension 233.

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