Southern California Edison (SCE) is the electrical service provider for the City of Duarte and has served its residents since the City's incorporation in l957. The company helps customers save money with rebates and award-winning energy efficiency programs. It also has several programs that provide discounts and financial assistance for those customers who are experiencing difficulty paying their monthly bills.

SCE is currently the nation’s leading purchaser of renewable energy and, in 2008, bought 80 percent of the solar energy produced in the U.S. for its customers. An Edison International company, SCE is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. Based in Rosemead, SCE has been providing electrical service for more than 120 years and services a population of more than 13 million in 180 cities across a 50,000-square-mile area of Central, Coastal and Southern California.

To request new or turn off service, please contact Edison at 800-648-8123. SCE does not provide 100% reliability and there are still potentials for power outages to occur. To report a power outage, residents are encouraged to call SCE at 1-800-611-1911. To file a claim with the Edison Company due to a power outage, visit their website at www.sce.com/claims or mail/fax a letter to Edison describing the nature and extent of the claim. Include the date, time, and location of damage, and your name, address, account number ,and daytime telephone number.


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The City of Duarte is served by the The Gas Company. The Gas Company has programs and services to help eligible customers lower their gas bills and conserve energy.  Many of our residents may qualify for SoCalGas’ customer savings now that we have expanded our participation guidelines. Recently, the income requirements to qualify for California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) were raised so that a family of one that earns up to $31,460 can now receive the 20% off of their monthly natural gas bill. This also qualifies residents for the Energy Savings Assistance Program, which qualifies customers for free energy-saving home upgrades.  Visit the website at www.socalgas.com/assistance to see if you qualify for the California Alternate Rate for Energy (CARE) 20% discount or Direct Assistance (DAP) programs today or to aquire additional information about their services.  The Gas Company may also be reached by dialing (800) 427-2200 or (800) 342-4545 for spanish speaking customers.


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California American Water is an investor-owned water utility with more than 40 years of experience in providing a high-quality reliable water supply to the cities that make up the Los Angeles service district. The Los Angeles service district is divided into thee service areas – Baldwin Hills, Duarte and San Marino.

The majority of the water serves in the Los Angeles district is groundwater, pumped from local wells.  These wells are located in the Main San Gabriel, Central and Raymond basins. The basins are large underground reservoirs that cover hundreds of square miles.

To supplement groundwater supplies, California American Water also delivers imported water through the Colorado River Aqueduct and the State Water Project, and is purchased from wholesale water agencies.  All water served by California American Water adheres to all state and federal water quality standards.

Local Service Area
California American Water provides service to about 28,000 households and businesses, or a population of about 100,000 people in the cities of Bradbury, Duarte and San Marino, and portions of El Monte, Irwindale, Monrovia, Rosemead, San Gabriel and Temple City, as well as unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County and the Baldwin Hills area.  It is these communities that comprise the Los Angeles service area.

Twenty-seven employees maintain and operate the Los Angeles district’s water system.

California American Water provides approximately 21.5 million gallons of water each day to the service area.

Water Rates for the Los Angeles district are determined by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) through a process call a General Rate Case. Investor-owned utilities, like California American Water, are required to file rate cases every three years.

A rate case is an open-book review by the CPUC. In a rate case, California American Water forecasts its costs for the next three years. It estimates total revenue to cover those costs, including a reasonable rate of return on capital investments. That rate of return is established by the CPUC and is not guaranteed.

California American Water encourages all of its Los Angeles County customers to continue their wise water practices given the recent declaration by Governor Brown that the state’s drought has ended and local water allocations have been lifted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  Both actions were made possible by this season’s storms and the public’s continued conservation and water use efficiency efforts resulting in improved regional supply conditions.

Despite the recent actions of the Governor and Metropolitan, wise water use must be a permanent way of life for California American Water’s Los Angeles County customers because of the challenges we face in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  California American Water would like to thank our Los Angeles customers for their water-saving efforts and helping meet the region’s reduced water allocation goals.

Two weeks after Governor Brown announced the end to California’s recent drought, Metropolitan, the Southland’s largest imported water provider, ended its call for mandatory water restrictions.  Metropolitan lifting the allocation restrictions will allow local agencies with groundwater basins to purchase water without financial penalty and store it.  Groundwater reserves, which were significantly tapped throughout the Southland’s six-county region over the past several years due to previous dry conditions, have improved due to rain and local runoff.  Surface supplies have also improved.  Today, Metropolitan’s Diamond Valley Lake is nearly full, after being less than half full in the summer of 2009, and the district has more than a full year’s worth of supply deliveries in reserve.

Even with the Sierra Nevada snowpack conditions far above normal, Metropolitan will not receive its full request from Northern California this year because of environmental problems and pumping restrictions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The state and Southern California in particular continue to face long term water supply challenges.  We encourage our customers to continue wise water use in order to meet these ongoing challenges and to maintain our reserves.  California American Water has made it a priority to help its customers reduce their water use by providing them with the necessary programs and resources to help them save money on their water bill and protect the environment.

Conservation Kits and WaterWise Residential and Non-Residential Surveys

California American Water offers free WaterWise residential and non-residential surveys, rebates on water-saving appliances, leak detection kits for toilets and other conservation tools and ideas.  California American Water customers can sign up for these services by stopping by its local office located at 8657 Grand Avenue, Rosemead, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:25 p.m., or by calling (626) 614-2536.


Water Conservation Resources


www.socalwatersmart.com - provides rebate incentives for residents and business for water efficiency improvement in homes, businesses, and outdoor landscapes.  Rebates are available for gigh-efficientcy clothes washers and toilets, rotating sprinkler nozzles, weather based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, rain barrels, and turf removal programs.


www.saveourwater.org - a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use. Created in 2009 by the California Department of Water Resources, the program offers ideas and instpiration for permanently reducing water use.


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Voluntary 20% Water Conservation Tips

Tiered Rate Structure

California American Water has implemented a tired rate structure aimed at encouraging conservation.  Tired rates are designed to reduce water use.  Also called conservation rates, tired rates give you more control over your water bill: by avoiding the higher tiers, your water bill will be significantly less.

Tiered conservation rates are a multi-level pricing model that rewards customers who use less water with lower rates and discourages water waste with progressively higher rates for above average usage.

Each tier has a different billing rate per unit (100 cubic gallons) of water used. Customers in the lowest tier, those who use the least amount of water, are billed at the lowest rate per unit. Those in the highest tier, who use the most amount of water, will be billed at a higher rate per unit.

The tiered rate structure rewards those who use less with a lower rate and discourages water waste with progressively higher rates for above average usage.  This rate structure ensures that customers who are doing their part to conserve are rewarded for their efforts with lower rates.

In most cases, home water usage can be significantly reduced with a few very simple habit alterations. For additional please visit California American Water's website www.californiaamwater.com


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Charter Communications operates cable services within the City of Duarte and holds a state franchise to conduct such services throughout the state.  Nothing in the franchise agreement prevents other cable operators from offering similar services in the area. Charter Communications is the fourth largest operator of cable television systems in the United States, serving approximately 6.2 million customers after completing current acquisitions. They operate in 40 states, and have more than 13,000 employees. Charter Communications determines the cable channel lineup, and, based on guidelines created by the Federal Communications Commission, sets rates. The City of Duarte does not have control over either rates or channel lineup.

Charter Communication offers a full range of traditional cable television services and is launching digital cable television services, interactive video programming, high-speed Internet access, and telephone service. All of these services will be delivered through the far-reaching digital cable network of Charter Communications. Charges vary depending on the cable television package selected.  For inquiries regarding cable service, please contact Charter  Communications at the following:

24-Hour Technical Support Service: 1-888-438-2427
Charter Communications Customer Service website: www.charter.com

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