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Duarte Town Center Website is Now Online

We invite you to visit a new City website to learn more about the Duarte Town Center Specific Plan and EIR that is now in process. The website provides a lot of information about the current process to develop stronger zoning standards for the central part of Duarte as well as historical information about the City’s concept for the area.

The site also provides that ability to comment on the plan and see photo simulations of possible build out scenarios. Over the next few months, the site will be updated regularly as the plan goes through the public comment period.

For many years, the community has had a vision of a more vibrant town center area. The City received a Metro planning grant to develop the plan and a City Council appointed Ad Hoc Committee has been meeting for the past 13 months providing input on the draft plan.

The City is fortunate to be working with MIG, the consultant preparing the plan. MIG was also the consultant that prepared the 2003 Town Center Concept plan that set the community vision for Town Center. This specific plan goes beyond the concept stage and comprehensively addresses land use, design, environmental and economic issues.

Duarte Town Center Website