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Duarte and Bradbury Add An Additional Sherriff Patrol Unit to In Response to Rising Property Crime Rates

DUARTE, CA, March 28, 2016 – In a proactive response to growing resident and business concerns over increased property crimes, the Duarte City Council voted at its March 22nd meeting to increase its law enforcement contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department by an additional patrol unit starting April 1st. The addition of this unit increases the City’s daytime patrol by 50%.

The initial cost to add the additional unit is $169,172 annually increasing to approximately $280,000 after 18 months. The City of Bradbury has agreed to fund $25,000 towards the additional unit through June 30th, and contribute $75,000 in the following budget year.

The City of Duarte, like the majority of California cities, is experiencing an increase in Part 1 crimes last year. Specifically, the City has experienced an 8.5 % increase in overall Part 1 crimes from 2014 to 2015. This trend is in contrast to the balance of the Country where violent crime rates continue to drop. Public Safety professionals are concerned voter approved Proposition 47 combined with AB l09 Prisoner realignment is causing the uptick. Especially in the case of Proposition 47 which allows non-violent offenders and drug users to participate in early release programs without mandatory treatment or supervision.

“The Cities of Duarte and Bradbury continue to be proactive in our approaches to preventing and suppressing crime in our communities,” said City Manager Darrell George. The City of Duarte has the ability to amend its Sheriff Contract at any time.

Residents are also encouraged to help stay informed about important public safety news through the City of Duarte’s E-Mail Alert System. To sign up, call Aida Torres at the Duarte Public Safety office at (626) 357-7938.