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Duarte Revamps Mandatory Street Sweeping Pilot Program; New Restrictions Go Into Effect December 1st

Street Sweeping

After three months into a six-month pilot street sweeping program, the Duarte City Council voted October 25th to revamp it from mandatory removal of vehicles on both sides of the street to parking on one side one day and the other the next to accommodate both the need for clean streets as well as resident’s vehicles.   This change was approved by the Council after staff reported about the program’s initial effects including the residents’ overwhelming support including some form of parking restriction on street sweeping days.

To implement this change, City staff will be placing approximately 500 new signs in the designated pilot area by December 1st, and a warning will be issued during the month of December. Citations will be issued during the month of January and February. Citations will cost approximately $63.00.  Staff will bring back to Council in March 2017.

Street sweeping will be conducted during the stated times on the north and west side of the street on Wednesday’s and the south and east side of the street on Thursday’s.

In response to concerns about street cleanliness and litter, the Duarte City Council originally voted earlier this year at its May 10th meeting to launch a pilot street sweeping program effective July 1, 2016.  The program involved a designated area of the City which had signs posted ordering the removal of vehicles on both sides of the street on street sweeping days to facilitate unobstructed access to curb and gutter by the sweeper.  

For additional information on the proposed street sweeping program, contact Duarte Public Safety at 626-357-7938.


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