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Duarte Senior Center to Open as a Cooling Center on 9/26 Due to Triple Digit Heat

To provide Duarte residents with a “cool” option to soaring heat, the Duarte Senior Center facility will open to the public from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm on September 26th for the local temperature is slated to exceed 100 degrees.

The facility, located at 1610 Huntington Drive next to the City pool, will be designated as the City’s official “Cooling Center,” offering residents relief from  triple digit heat. Services available for Duarte residents utilizing the City’s Cooling Center include open seating in the dining hall, lounge and TV room; restrooms; and drinking fountain. Meals and other beverages must be provided by the patrons of the Cooling Center.

Additional information regarding the Cooling Center can be obtained by following @cityofduarte on Twitter or by visiting Residents can also gain information by calling Duarte City Hall 626-357-7931 Monday thru Thursday until 6:00 pm or the Senior Center at (626) 357-3513 until 8:00 pm on September 26th.