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K-Rail To Be Installed in Fish Fire Burn Area Beginning September 26

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the City of Duarte conducted a post Fish Fire assessment to address safety issues related to residential properties in the burn areas within the City.


Specifically, an evaluation was made to determine the potential magnitude of high and dangerous mudflows that could occur during any moderate to severe rainstorm within the next five years.


Based on the fire area assessment, the above agencies are recommending the installation of K-Rails to mitigate mudflows in the areas indicated in orange on the map below. “K-Rails” are concrete barriers often used on freeways during construction activities, which will serve as a tool to minimize flood and mudslide impacts.


The temporary K-Rail will be placed in the neighborhoods indicated in orange on the map below beginning the week of September 26, 2016. These structures will remain in place for up to five years or until sufficient vegetation grows back along the hillside to mitigate the potential for damaging flow.


Note: Map is subject to change.

As a result of the K-Rail installation, please be advised that affected streets will also be impacted by additional parking restrictions. Specifically, street parking will be prohibited in all areas K-Rails are located both during installation and until removal. Note: Temporary “No Parking” signs will be installed in the neighborhood up to 72 hours in advance of installation. Please heed the signs, to avoid your vehicle being towed during the installation process.


Throughout the K-Rail installation, all residents will have access to and from their driveways. Increased parking restrictions, other than those mentioned above, may also go into effect during storm events creating narrower roadways. The City is currently working with all service providers to ensure K-Rail installation does not interrupt services (e.g. mail, trash, street sweeping, etc.)


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Resident safety is our upmost concern. Questions? Please contact the Duarte Public Works Division at 626-357-7931. Additional information is also available on line at

Based on the assessments of Los Angeles County Flood Control, the United States Department of Agriculture - National Resources Conservation Service and Duarte Public Works, the following streets are scheduled to have K-rail placed upon them either partially or nearly completely:

Mel Canyon Road from Brookridge Road to Fish Canyon Road (Both sides of roadway)
Deerlane Drive from Greenbank Avenue to Mel Canyon Road (Portions of south side of roadway)
Deerlane Drive at the Fieldview Avenue intersection
Brookridge Road at the Greenbank Avenue intersection
Brookridge Road from Mel Canyon Road to Mountain Crest Road (Primarily on the south side of roadway and a few locations on the north side of roadway)
Brookridge Road at the Opal Canyon Road and Mountain Crest Road intersections