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Vote by Mail Location Available at Duarte City Hall

With the goal of providing convenient, accessible, secure, and transparent options for Duarte voters (and all L.A. County voters) to cast their ballots on, and before, Election Day, Duarte City Hall is now a “Vote By Mail Drop-Off Location” for voters to drop off their Vote By Mail (VBM) ballots. The ballot box is located in the Reception Area of City Hall, easily accessible for members of the public to drop off their VBM ballots, and is available from October 11 – November 7, 2016.

The County of Los Angeles has provided the locked ballot box, and will exchange it on a weekly basis. There are dozens of VBM drop-off locations spread throughout Los Angeles County that will ensure voters have a convenient place to drop off their VBM ballot for the November 8th Election.

Voters may choose not to vote their Vote By Mail ballot, and instead may vote in person at their polling place, or at the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office in Norwalk on Election Day. Should voters wish to vote their Vote By Mail ballot in person, they will need to bring their ballot to the polling place or the County Registrar/Recorder’s office, and surrender it to receive a new ballot.