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Duarte City Council Votes to Support Measures A and M; Votes to Oppose Proposition 57

On September 13, 2016 the Duarte City Council voted unanimously to adopt resolutions in support of two November 8th ballot measures Measure A and Measure M. Additionally, the City Council adopted a resolution in opposition of Proposition 57 on October 25th.

The Duarte City Council supports the Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks, Open Space, Beaches, Rivers Protection, and Water Conservation measure, also referred to as Measure A. If approved by voters, the measure will raise an estimated $94 million annually which will be directed towards parks related projects consistent with the findings of the 2016 Countywide Parks Needs Assessment. Measure A would replace the funding under the 1996 Proposition A, Safe Neighborhoods Parks, measure which was passed more than 20 years ago and is set to expire in 2019.

Measure M, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Sales Tax measure would raise sales tax in the County by ½ cent for every dollar spent to fund a 40-year transportation plan that would enhance bus, subway and rail service, freeways, roads, bridges, bike paths and more. Metro estimates Measure M will generate $860 million a year.

The Duarte City Council is opposed to the California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trials Requirements Initiative, also referred to as Proposition 57. This Proposition would make persons convicted of non-violent felonies eligible for parole consideration after completing only the full term for their primary offense in addition to allowing sentence credits for good behavior. This rule would apply no matter how many felonies were committed resulting in a criminal with multiple felonies doing the same amount of time as a person who commits one felony. It also requires juvenile court judges to determine whether juveniles should be prosecuted as adults. The City Council opposes because Proposition 57 includes ambiguous terms, such as “non-violent felony” and “parole consideration,” and gives too much power to the State Parole Board. Additionally, the City Council is concerned about the negative impacts Prop 57 would have on crime in the Duarte community.

For additional information about the 2016 Countywide Parks Needs Assessment and about Measure A, visit For additional information about Measure M, visit Proposition 57 information is available online. For full information about the General Election on November 8th election please visit