Street Sweeping Schedule

Burrtec Waste Services provides street sweeping services for the City.  The residential street sweeping schedule is every other week while the sweeping of designated commercial thoroughfares is every week.  Street sweeping helps keep the City clean and decreases debris, which is washed into the storm drain systems that ultimately flow into the ocean.  The City of Duarte encourages residents to not park on the street during the designated street sweeping day in an effort to improve curb access. 

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Pilot Street Sweeping Program Update; Warnings begin April 12th, Citations May 10th

Sweeping vehicle


Starting the week of March 6th and concluding on the 31st, the City of Duarte will be adding both updated and new parking restriction signs to streets within the designated Street Sweeping Pilot Program area. The new signage was in response to action taken by the Duarte City Council on October 25, 2016 to revamp the original pilot program that required vehicle removal from both sides of the street on street sweeping days to allowing residents to park on one side one day, and the other side the next. This change was approved by the Council after staff reported about the program’s initial effects including the residents’ overwhelming support including some form of parking restriction on street sweeping days.

Street sweeping will be conducted during the stated times on the north and west side of the street on Wednesday’s and the south and east side of the street on Thursday’s. Written warnings about the new parking restrictions will start in the pilot area on April 12 and 13th occurring again on April 26 and 27th.. Citations for parking violations on street sweeping days will commence beginning May 10, 2017. The cost per citation is $63.


In response to concerns about street cleanliness and litter, the Duarte City Council originally voted earlier last year in May to launch a pilot street sweeping program effective July 1, 2016. The program involved a designated area of the City which had signs posted ordering the removal of vehicles on both sides of the street on street sweeping days to facilitate unobstructed access to curb and gutter by the sweeper.


For additional information on the proposed street sweeping program, contact Duarte Public Safety at 626-357-7938.

Pilot Street Sweeping Program Map