Sandbag Information

I live in the impacted area, how do I get sandbags?

Because this is an unusual situation, the City will provide up to 50 emergency sandbags for property owners and residents in the impacted area.  Residents of Brookridge Rd.; Mel Canyon Rd.; Opal Canyon Rd.; Mountain Crest Rd.; Deerlane Dr.; Bettyhill Ave; and Greenbank Ave. as well as certain properties on Las Lomas Rd. and Cedarwood Ave. will be provided up to 50 sand bags.  City Staff will contact all property owners to coordinate orders and will deliver sandbags to the general area on specifically selected dates beginning in October.  While the bags can be delivered on specific delivery days, City staff cannot place bags in private vehicles or move them on to private property.  The resident is be responsible for lawfully disposing of sand and sandbags after use.  If you don’t choose to have bags delivered, the City may still have filled sand bags available for pick-up.

Residents are encouraged to assess their property for potential areas for mud and debris flow and determine proper sand bag needs.  There are many other sand bags sources and also engineers and contractor that can give advice.  It is important to be educated and to be prepared for the potential for damage.

If you are in the impacted area and would like additional information, please contact the Public Works Division at 626-357-7931 or email

I don’t live in the impacted area, how can I get sand bags?

There are many companies that sell filled sand bags and in some cases you can get them delivered to your property.  This is not a recommendation, but here are some companies that provide the service:

L.A. County Sandbags

19205 Prairie Ave.

Torrance, CA 90503


So Cal Sandbags

12620 Bosley Lane

Corona, CA 92883


Saddleback Materials Co. Inc.

6090 Etiwanda Ave.

Mira Loma, CA 91752


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