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Duarte saw its Part 1 crimes go down again for the third year in a row. This was in large part due to the 15% reduction in property crimes. Which includes auto theft, vehicle theft, vehicle burglaries, and residential burglaries.

There were two factors that led to our success. First off, I would like to thank all of the deputies that are assigned to the Duarte Sub Station. They are a hard-working and dedicated group that remained vigilant in their efforts to make Duarte a safe place to live, work, and do business in. They managed to increase their arrests by approximately 32% on a year over year basis and ended the year with a total of 1,167 arrests. Secondly, I would like to thank all of those who participate in Neighborhood Watch. There is no doubt in my mind that it works. As other cities continue to struggle with rising property crimes, we continue to enjoy the fruits of our success.

Your support means a lot to us but what we value most is your willingness to participate in community events. A strong neighborhood makes all of the difference in crime prevention efforts. Please continue to be vigilant and call in all suspicious persons or suspicious behavior and follow our tips on how to stay connected.

Please take this time to prepare your homes and your families for emergencies. There are numerous websites that can help you get started ( We all hope to never face an emergency but just remember “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

We all hope to never face an emergency but just remember “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Director of Public Safety, Brian Villalobos



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Crime is the newest way to share information with the community.

This nationwide free service is hosted by the omega group, and their technology allows you to click on icons to get detailed information on crimes in your area, such as vandalism, theft, assaults or burglary.

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Please stay alert and if you see something, say something! Do not become a victim and follow these important Residential Burglary Prevention Tips.


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