Duarte's Promise


Duarte's Promise: The Alliance for Youth

Duarte’s commitment to youth through a host of character building programs and a promise to do more to promote a better future for young people, has earned the City an official designation as a Community of Promise from America’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth, the national organization chaired by Retired General Colin Powell.

Duarte is the first city in the San Gabriel Valley to join the national movement committed to enhancing the lives and futures of America’s youth. The Alliance challenges communities to make youth a priority by fulfilling five promises for children and teens:

  • Ongoing relationships with caring adults-parents, mentors, tutors, coaches.
  • Safe places and structured activities during non-school hours.
  • A healthy start and future.
  • Marketable skills through effective education.
  • Opportunities to give back through community service.

Duarte is committed to leading a united community effort to fulfill the Five Promises. The City has pledged to work in partnership with the school district, communities of faith, youth organizations, non-profit and local businesses to ensure that the needs of young people are known, that the talents of individuals in the community are fully tapped, and that resources are effectively and broadly delivered. For more information on the project contact Duarte Promise Fellows at (626) 357-7931.

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