Administrative Services


Message from the Director

As a long-time employee of the City of Duarte, I have seen the City overcome many challenges and achieve great accomplishments with a strategically conservative approach during tumultuous economic times. When resources were dwindling, Administrative Services played a very strong role in keeping the City focused on fiscal responsibility. Through the hard work and creativity of committed employees, the City continues to provide exemplary public services and finds itself in a strong financial position. In Administrative Services our goal is to safeguard the City assets, both financial and human, while providing them with the tools and resources needed to serve the public at the highest level possible. I look forward to continuing our support of the City’s mission by adding value through our work, finding solutions to operational challenges and helping to prepare the City for tomorrow.

Kristen Petersen 
Assistant City Manager/Director of Administrative Services

Contact Us

Kristen Petersen
Assistant City Manager
Phone:(626) 357-7931

Roxanne Breceda
Administrative Secretary
Phone:(626) 386-6811

Overview of Services

The Administrative Services Department covers a broad range of areas of service within our City including Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Transit Services and Information Technology.


The Finance Division includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cashiering, Business License and Financial Reporting. The Division’s primary responsibilities are to safeguard the City's assets and assure financial compliance. This includes preparing budget reports, administering financial accounting of grants and contracts, processing payroll and accounts payable and maintaining the City’s general accounting system. The Department also monitors actual revenues and expenditures in compliance with the City’s operating budget.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division includes benefits administration, classification and compensation, centralized recruitment and selection, organization and employee development, labor and employee relations, and workers’ compensation activities for the City. The Division’s primary goal is to recruit and maintain qualified employees who provide the community with the highest level of service possible.

Risk Management

The City of Duarte is committed to managing risk in any manner possible. The City contracts with California Joint Powers in Authority (JPIA) to manage the City’s liabilities and risk. Through services provided with the JPIA the City of Duarte is able to train employees and reduce the risk of injury.


The Transportation Division is responsible for managing the Duarte Transit bus service and the City’s fleet services. Duarte Transit has operated since 1984 and currently serves approximately 24,000 riders per month. The City in conjunction with Foothill Transit has introduced a fleet of new, 35 foot electric buses that operate on the existing Duarte Transit routes. The Green Route buses travel in a counterclockwise direction around the City and the Blue Route travels clockwise, each complete the route once every hour. Fleet Services maintains all of the City owned vehicles. The City currently owns approximately 40 vehicles, ranging from hybrid sedans to heavy duty aerial lift trucks. Fleet Services is also responsible for monitoring all employees driving qualifications and specialized license requirements.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Division provides support in the development and maintenance of technical services and business solutions for City staff and policy makers. IT works with employees to provide an accessible, secure, comprehensive, integrated information resource for the City and its government.