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Duarte Transit is embracing the City’s long standing, successful contract service model and applying it to our aging transit system. In April 1, 2019, the City in conjunction with Foothill Transit is introduced a fleet of new, 35 foot electric buses that operates on existing Duarte transit routes.  

Partnering with Foothill Transit also brings much-needed transit expertise and resources to our small City including a fast charge infrastructure, and a fleet of state of the art electric buses, featuring the latest in green and fuel efficient technology.

There are many benefits that come with this transition in addition to being green and lean.  The increased capacity allows Duarte Transit to expand services to include students, who have historically been prohibited from utilizing the transit during peak hours as well as turning away fewer overflow riders. Changing to 35 foot, quiet electric buses will also reduce noise pollution for residents and businesses along the both the green and blue routes. 

This one of a kind partnership first started building back in 2014 when the Duarte City Council began an outreach campaign for riders and residents composed of a series of surveys, public workshops and council meetings to discuss the current state of the transit system; including routes, alternative fuel buses, the need to accommodate students and potential fare impacts.  This culminated in a decision in Fall of 2017 by the City Council to enter into a contract with Foothill Transit for the operation and maintenance of new electric buses. The contract service arrangement is very similar to the one the City has had with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since incorporation. 

For over 30 years, the City of Duarte has been providing a fixed route bus system for the community composed of a small fleet of 16 plus year old diesel buses which environmentally and economically no longer worked for the community. Recruiting and maintaining a fleet of part time drivers had also grown increasingly more difficult and expensive. The transition to this contract service relieved the City of long standing staffing challenges and allowed the City to consider the implementation of fares which can be used to offset the ever-increasing cost of providing local transit.  The City will also get the support of a full maintenance facility at the Arcadia Yard on Peck Road to keep the buses on the road. 


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Foothill Transit
1-800-RIDE-INFO (743-3463)

Erwin Mendez
Transportation Supervisor
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