In Duarte, building and plan check services are provided by a contract with Charles Abbott Associates. The Community Development Director manages this contract. The purpose of this division is to apply and enforce the California Building Code to ensure the safety of buildings in the community.

The Building Division is open during regular business hours for plan check submittals and permit issuance. The building inspector/plan checker is available at the public counter between 8:00 am and 10:00 am to answer questions.

Here is some helpful information about the process:

Preparing Plans.

Before any building related construction or installation occurs, plans must be prepared and submitted to the City. You will want to contact the Planning Division to check on compliance with zoning regulations and you should also make sure that plans meet all building related codes.


Submitting Plans and Plan Check.

The building counter is open during City Hall hours and the inspector is available between 8:00 am and 10:00 am to answer questions. Some plans will require a detailed plan check of the plans. During plan check, plans are reviewed for compliance with Building Code and similar requirements. If you are a property owner having work done on your property, we recommend that you used licensed professionals with experience to prepare your plans to make the process most effective. Fees for plan check are usually based on project valuation. In most cases, a first plan check will take one or two weeks.


Once plans are approved and ready for permits, permit fees will be paid and a permit will be issued. Permits are valid for 180 days. This time is extended if work is active and there are regular city inspections to confirm that progress.


Inspections by the building inspector are required for all permits. For many projects, there will be multiple inspections throughout the process to ensure that the work being done is consistent with approved plans. When complete, the project will have a final inspection. In almost every case, we provide the inspection on the next working day. You can contact the building division at 626-357-7931 ext. 235 to schedule an inspection.