City of Hope Specific Plan

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In October 2018, the City approved and adopted the City of Hope Specific Plan. The plan provides directions for enhancement and development of the Campus over a 20-year period, including future expansion to existing outpatient (clinic), inpatient (hospital), research, office, industrial, warehouse, and hospitality uses. New parking structures and surface parking lots are also proposed, as well as internal roadways, open space environments, and other long-term infrastructure improvements. These changes and improvements throughout the City of Hope campus will be implemented through the City of Hope Specific Plan, which will govern future development of the campus, supporting its efforts to expand its research and treatment capabilities; accommodate the needs of patients and their families, faculty, staff, and the community; and help enable City of Hope to meet its commitment to transform the future of medicine.

Ultimately, the vision for the City of Hope campus is to create a walkable and compact campus core that builds upon and enhances existing inpatient and outpatient facilities, research, office, assembly, parking, and open spaces uses. In addition, the project proposes to consolidate modular buildings that are currently dispersed throughout the campus, demolish outdated buildings, and construct new floor area within larger development sites that provide flexibility for future buildout of the campus.

The Specific Plan area contains approximately 116-acres, which includes its existing campus. The established residential neighborhood to the west of Cinco Robles Drive is not located within the project area.  Several existing residences, east of Cinco Robles Drive, have been included within the Specific Plan area; those not owned by City of Hope are allowed to remain in perpetuity and maintain their current development rights.

The maximum development capacity allowed by the Specific Plan consists of approximately 1,426,000 square feet of new development (approximately 1,038,500 net new square feet following the proposed demolition of approximately 387,500 square feet of existing structures), which would result in up to approximately 2,639,350 gross square feet of development on the City of Hope campus.