Duarte Dance

Hip Hop Dance!

Come join Duarte's Teen Hip Hop Crew "Duarte Dance." The group meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. This is a free program that has three levels: beginning, advanced, and a new college level. For more information, please call the Teen Center at 303-0863.


Ashley Rosal – 13 years old, 8th grade

Joined Duarte Dance in February 2015.

"Duarte Dance has helped me become more confident. It also helped me gain more friends. I used to get stage fright but now, ever since I joined, I got used to performing in front of people.

Christina Faith Ortega – 15 years old, 10th grade

Joined dance in November 2014

"Duarte dance is a great activity for kids and teens to get together and participate in loving and welcoming environment."

Caira Benton – College Student

Joined Duarte Dance in 2010

"Duarte Dance has given me family throughout all the years. Not only is it a dance class, it's a chance to be exposed to an entire world of art that not everyone gets to experience. It's also a chance to get involved with the community events, and make choreography an event itself. For all future Duarte dancers, take it seriously... It's a big world of money that dance provides. Take advantage of the chance to be a part of it. I love Duarte Dance, it's a big chunk of my youth-good!"