Filming Permits

Why Film In Duarte?

The City of Duarte prides itself with having a diverse environment. Choose a film location with views of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest; a city-owned tree-lined, multi-purpose bike and horse trail; a commercial site close to Duarte's Historic Route 66; one of Duarte's many City parks, its landmark Andres Duarte (bronze statue) Plaza; or Duarte's own municipal town and swimming pool center. The film location opportunities in Duarte are endless. Click here to view videos of what Duarte has to offer.

Film Permit Application and Guidelines

The City of Duarte has established filming rules and guidelines to streamline the approval process for film permit requests. You can expect a business friendly atmosphere and film permit requests to be processed within two business days. We are committed to making your experience in Duarte a positive one! Duarte recognizes that the film industry is a vital part of economic development in the region and not only encourages but values film production in its community. That is why in Duarte a film permit is combined with the City business license; therefore no separate business license application or fee is required.

The City of Duarte Filming Rules and Guidelines provides information on the film permit process.

Filming Permit Submittal Requirements:

  1. Filming Permit Application*
  2. Property Owner Approval {sample}
  3. Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance {sample}
  4. Notification for residents/merchants within 200 feet of radius of filming location {sample}
  5. Film Survey (if filming includes extraordinary activities: i.e. street closure, pyrotechnics, excessive noise, filming beyond standard hours, etc.) {sample}
  6. *City Owned Facility Applications (only if requesting use of City owned building, park or field)

Film Permit City Contact

Contact the Planning Division at (626) 357-7931, extension 262 or Duarte City Hall business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Do I need to obtain a Film Permit?

A film permit is required for shooting any motion picture, television show, commercials or commercial still photography. News media, video taping for private family use, cable access, and public entities are exempt from obtaining a permit. Refer to Duarte Municipal Code Chapter 5.40.