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First of Free Military Recognition Banners

Installed along Huntington Drive

DUARTE, CA, August, 2013 -- The first 12 banners saluting Duarteans currently serving in the United States military have been installed along the City's main corridor, Huntington Dr. in Duarte during the month of August.

City of Hope, in celebration of its Centennial, has partnered with the City of Duarte to launch the banner program and has provided funding to underwrite the first 30 Military Recognition banners. Eighteen free military recognition banners are still available. Additional banners may be purchased or sponsored for $155 each. The Military Banner Recognition program honors residents of the City of Duarte and unincorporated area of Duarte in active military service, and immediate family members of residents in the military.

Each banner displays the name and branch of the serviceperson and the sponsor's name or logo. Upon completion of active duty, the banner will be presented to the honoree. The City website will also feature a special military banner program section and list its participants.

Applications are available on the City's website,, at City Hall and below. Completed applications must include a copy of the military personnel I.D. along with a California I.D. or a utility bill showing a Duarte address of the military service member or his or her immediate family member. Immediate family members are considered wife, husband, son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter.

For additional information, call Karen Herrera at Duarte City Hall, (626) 357-7931, ext. 221. #