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Release SB1 Local Street and Road Improvement Project List

The City of Duarte has released a list of local road improvement projects designed to make it easier and safer to travel in the region. The project list was developed as part of the requirements of Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, which is also providing much of the funding to do the work.

The list includes the FY 19/20 Street Rehabilitation Project that will consist of sections of roadways to be cold milled and resurfaced. In future years, this funding will also be used for pedestrian and bicycle safety projects, street rehabilitation projects, and complete street policy projects.

The new road improvement funding will allow public agencies to start catching up on the backlog and making local streets, roads and bridges safer, smoother and sustainable in the long term. In most cases, maintaining local roads is less expensive and time consuming than waiting for them to deteriorate and having to completely replace them.

There is also a state component to the new transportation funding. Caltrans also released a list of projects it will be pursuing on the state roads and highways that connect The City of Duarte with the rest of the state. 

For more information on SB 1 projects and locations, visit CalTrans/CalSTA's website, Rebuilding CA.

These projects will make significant improvements in California’s transportation infrastructure, mobility options, create jobs and help grow the local economy.

The fiscal year 2019-20 list of project planned to be funded with Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account revenues include: 

FY 19/20 Street Rehabilitation Project
1.Miltonwood Ave. from Royal Oaks Dr. to Chesson St. 
2.2nd St. from Highland Ave. to Miltonwood Ave. 
3.Chesson St. from Miltonwood Ave. to Bradbourne Ave.
4.Dresden Ave. from Chesson St. to end of street
5.Chimes Ave. from Royal Oaks Dr. to Chesson St. 
6.Atlin St. from Chimes Ave. to Bradbourne Ave.
7.Baylor St. from Chimes Ave. to Bradbourne Ave. 
8.Bradbourne Ave. from Royal Oaks to end of street

( Project Map )