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Duarte community... the duartebus is here.  For current information on where the two ebus lines are located in our community, click here for the Blue Line and here for the latest Green Line information.   Foothill Transit, the local transportation leader in zero-emissions public transit service, has partnered with the City of Duarte to operate the city’s two local bus lines and convert their fleet to zero-emission, all electric 35’ buses.

Foothill Transit and the City of Duarte launched the new service, named duartEbus, on April 1, 2019. The newly-liveried, three-bus fleet will be charged, operated, and maintained out of Foothill Transit’s Arcadia Operations Yard, running nearly identical routes and schedules as the well-loved city system.  

Changes made focused on accessibility and safety, prompting the closure of five stops on both the Line 860 Blue and Line 861 Green, and eliminating age restrictions to open transit access to all customers.  The previously free transit system will also incorporate Foothill Transit’s fare structure. With a TAP card, the one way fare will be $1.25 ($0.50 for seniors and people with disabilities*).  The fare will be $1.50 ($0.75*) if the customer is paying cash.  

Foothill Transit’s leadership in electric bus integration began in 2010 when it became the first public transit agency in the nation to deploy three Proterra fast-charge, all electric buses on the 16.1-mile Line 291 between the cities of Pomona and La Verne. Line 291 then became the first all-electric fast charge bus line in the nation in 2014 and to date, Foothill Transit’s electric fleet had logged over one and a half million miles of service in Southern California.

The deployment of this new electric bus fleet will make the City of Duarte the first all-electric city system in Southern California.  The State of California has mandated that all public transit vehicles be 100 percent zero-emissions electric by 2040.  Foothill Transit has already committed to going all electric by 2030.

“This partnership is transformative for both Duarte and for Foothill Transit,” said Doran Barnes, Executive Director of Foothill Transit.  “Building a more sustainable community requires more sustainable transportation options.  Our anticipation and expectation is high, and we look forward to serving our Duarte neighbors.”

Duarte ebus promotional video

SGVN Story - April 1, 2019