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Gas Company to Upgrade Gas Main Line

The Gas Company will be upgrading their natural gas main line and will be working on Cinco Robles Drive south of Duarte Road, Asti St, Marand St, Pengra St and Noyon St starting March 18, 2019 thru end of July 2019.

Public safety is the highest priority for the City and The Gas Company therefore the construction site during this time will be maintained with all necessary warning signs,barricades, cones and needed safety equipment to ensure residents, pedestrians and vehicular safety. Access to streets will be open to residents at all times and contractor will make every effort to assist residents to maneuver safely around construction areas.

Notices from the contractor have been provided to the residents however if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact The Gas Company at 800-427-2200, (24 hour phone number).